Discovery Centre (MacOdrum Library) – Carleton University (Ottawa) 2015 - 2016


 ➢ Administrative and Technical Assistant

  • Researching community outreach initiatives in academic institutions
  • Processing, coordinating and responding to requests for bookable media spaces including the Learning Lab, the Multimedia Lab, and the Gaming Lab
  • Ensuring the Gaming Lab was maintained; troubleshooting technical problems in all media spaces
  • Operating, calibrating, maintaining 3D printers, formatting 3D print files, and keeping an inventory of materials
  • Creating a PowerPoint slide that displayed the daily schedule of events and their locations in the Discovery Centre, and researching and choosing a "tech. history fact for that day to be displayed on the main TV screen at the entrance
       Key Results:
    • Ensuring the facilities met the requirements of conferences, large presentations, classes and summer camps
    • Setting up spaces for events and preparing/aiding with technical operations, including uploading files to various computers, working projectors, and setting up Apple AirPlay and WIFI connections
    • Keeping our records management system for 3D prints up to date, which included a spreadsheet with a print queue, status of jobs, patrons’ names, contact information, print time and cost; and ensuring file folder with print receipts was in order


Archives and Research Collection (MacOdrum Library) – Carleton University (Ottawa) 2015


 ➢ Archivist in Collection Development, Practicum for the Digital Humanities

  • Assessing the collection, discussing areas for future collection development, and determining which area I would pursue
  • Examining and determining the scope of the collection in pre-1850s medical books, including works from the subjects headings: science(botany), medicine, agriculture language and literature, the fine arts
  • Photographing covers, title pages and pages of interest; using Gimp to edit and enhance image quality
       Key Results:
    • Determining and/or verifying the publication details and price for works of interest
    • Giving the Research Specialist edited digital images, which were labelled with their corresponding call number for a potential online exhibit
    • Creating a finding aid for pre-1850s medical books for future collection development
      • To view the Finding Aid and a sample of the digital images for the exhibit, go to the Projects section or click here for a direct link


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – Carleton University (Ottawa) 2014 - 2015


 ➢ Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Film Studies

  • Running two weekly tutorial and discussion groups on the film(s) presented in class, lecture materials and readings relating to film studies
  • Discussing theoretical frameworks behind film genres, including: classic cinema, genre studies, horror, Quebec cinema
       Key Results:
    • Grading term papers, midterms, final examinations, and student tutorial participation
    • Creating and facilitated a collaborative exam review for students using Google Docs


MacOdrum Library – Carleton University (Ottawa) 2014 - 2015


 ➢ Stacks Student Assistant and Technical Services Assistant

  • Assisting patrons at the library service desk with checking out books, collecting fines for overdue materials and operating the cash register
  • Assisting patrons in locating physical and online materials for their research needs
  • shelving books and shelf-reading to ensure materials were in the correct order
       Key Results:
    • Processing new materials including books, CDs, DVDs and games for patron use and adding call numbers, barcodes and magnetic tape to new materials for check out
    • Updating catalogue records for old materials that were moving to storage
    • Scanning materials for online course reserves


World Education Services (Toronto) 2013


 ➢ Document Delivery and Image Specialist

  • Working on a large scale project for Canadian Immigration Council that evaluated applicants' educational equivalency according to Canadian standards
  • Ensuring institutions and organizations received international applicants educational assessments for immigration, post-secondary application and employment purposes in Canada
       Key Results:
    • Digitizing international academic transcripts and increasing image quality, while removing watermarks and maintaining institutional stamps and seals for clarity during evaluation
    • Using AICES database to prioritize document delivery, retrieving and tracking outgoing mail, recording shipping information and tracking numbers
    • Using Citrix to collaborate and share information through cloud computing with head office in New York to ensure documents reached clients for deadlines


Patient and Family Library - Toronto Western and General Hospital 2012 - 2013


 ➢ Advanced Administrative Support, Volunteer

  • Restocking and organizing library items, photocopying and printing materials
  • Providing directional assistance to hospital and library clients
       Key Results:
    • Registering new users and providing bibliographic searches for library users
    • Recording statistics about client queries, searches, materials and services used
    • Providing access to e-books through e-mail and monitoring computer usage

Robertson Davies Library - Massey College (Toronto) 2011 - 2012


 ➢ Rare Book Cataloguer, Information Professional Practicum and Independent Volunteer

  • Cataloguing print specimen books from early 20th century America and Canada
  • Gaining experience using AACR2 and MARC21 specifications and Library of Congress authorities and subject headings
  • Learning using Cataloguer's Desktop and SirsiDynix Symphony Workflow software
  • Researching printers, publishers from the 1900s America
  • Researching binding, printing and rare book terminology using numerous thesauri
  • Using proper care and handling procedures for rare books and describing damage
  • Performing a page by page comparison of three issues bearing the same title to identify differences in this 1300 page work

       Key Results:

    • Performing collection maintenance duties such as systematically reorganizing, moving and re-shelving the collection in alphabetical order by Type Foundry
    • Producing five original catalogue records that are now available through the University of Toronto Libraries system, call numbers: Type 0001 - Type 0005
    • To view these records click on the links below, or go to the Projects section

      TYPE0001    TYPE0002    TYPE0003    TYPE0004    TYPE0005

    Type 0001                 Type 0002               Type 0003             Type 0004               Type 0005


InfoSearch Media (Telecommuted - Marina Del Ray, California) 2008 - 2009


 ➢ Content Writer

  • Using scholarly databases and other online materials to perform research in various fields
  • Compiling information and writing articles and advertisements using SEO guidelines to meet the needs of various clients needs

       Key Results:

    • Writing health related articles about skin care and sun exposure for
    • Writing product descriptions for designer jeans from an online retail boutique


Freelance Content Writer (Guelph) 2008


  • Using scholarly databases and other online materials to perform research and write articles about memory loss, its causes and long term prognosis, including:
    • retrograde and anterograde amnesia
    • head injuries and concussions
    • alcohol and pharmaceutical drug use
    • illicit substance use