A Critical Digital Edition of A General History of The Pyrates

This project was completed for my M.A. Thesis in the Collaborative Program in the Digital Humanities with the Department of English Language and Literature at Carleton University. More information about the digital critical edition produced for this project, the thesis, the user experience survey, and a couple trials leading up to the final iteration of my work can be found by clicking here or on the image of the Title Page below.   

It is a digital critical edition that consists of a parallel-text reading to visualize the changes in the first four editions of A General History of the Pyrates, printed between 1724 and 1726.  The work has been attributed to Daniel Defoe, the author of Robinson Crusoe among many other titles, though this attribution is contested. 

(click on the image of the Title Page above or here to view the project)


Mapping Residential Schools in Canada with Linked Data

View Residential Schools in Canada in a full screen map

This project uses BatchGeo, an open source mapping software, that allows users to incorporate linked data such as images and videos.  The map includes geographical markers for Residential Schools in Canada. When one clicks on a marker (in full screen mode) the name(s) of the school, the dates the school opened and closed, the religious denomination that ran the school, a URL link to a video interview with someone who attended the school, as well as an image of the school, or its students and staff, will appear.  

This group project was was originally developed for the course Issues in the Digital Humanities with colleagues, Rob Blades, Paula Chinkiwsky, and Oliver Crosby at Carleton University. My role as the technical lead on this project was to ensure the data and information conformed to the requirements of the software and creating the map. The majority of the images and videos were located and added after the projects completion, as an independent endeavour.

  • The  geographical locations were linked to articles about the locations from Wikipedia that include the GIS information.
  • The information on institutions' names, dates, locations and religious denominations is compiled from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Indian Residential Schools (IRS) Settlement Court, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, and Wikipedia's article "Indian Residential Schools in Canada."
  • The images of the schools, or students and staff, came from the Library and Archives Canada section on Aboriginal Heritage which contains a sub-section on Residential School Photographs. The credit for each photograph used will appear when one clicks on the marker.
  • The video interviews/survivor stories with people who attended the Residential Schools, come from the "Stories" section of Where are the Children © Legacy of Hope Foundation, and permission was obtained to link these stories. 

Archival Finding Aid for Collection Development of pre-1850s Medical Books

This finding aid was developed for my Practicum in the Digital Humanities which was completed at the Archives and Research Collection at Carleton University. This finding aid was primarily meant for internal use by faculty and staff of the archives for future collection development, and occasionally for the use of patrons. In order to complete this project I researched the number of holdings for each book worldwide, using WorldCat. These holdings were then divided into four geographical sections: Canada, the USA, Europe and Other (+), to determine the rarity of a work in respect to the other holdings that could potential be available to the Archives users, through interlibrary loan and travel.

In addition I researched and verified the date of publication, publisher(s), printer(s) and bookseller(s) when such information was not present in the books or was otherwise incomplete. I also photographed each work, edited the images, and labeled them with the corresponding call number for a potential digital exhibit (a sample of this exhibit will appear at a later date).

Click on the image above or here to view the document of the Finding Aid. 

Catalogue Records for Print Specimen Books


TYPE0001    TYPE0002    TYPE0003    TYPE0004    TYPE0005

Type 0001                 Type 0002               Type 0003             Type 0004               Type 0005

These are the five original catalogue records I produced during my practicum at Massey College's Robertson Davies Library that are now available through the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue. They were produced using Cataloguer's Desktop and SirsiDynix Symphony Workflows software, by applying the AACR2 and using LC authorities subject and genre headings to create MARC records. The last three records (Type 0003 - Type 0005) required a page by page comparison of these three specimen books from 1912. Each of these three books exceeded 1000 pages, and demanded tremendous attention to detail.

Each of the above links will first take you to the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue record, from which you can select the "MARC View" to see the record I produced. These records were produced during my Information Professional Practicum with the Robertson Davies Library at Massey College, during my studies at the University of Toronto.


Refugee Archive of Canada

As general editor for the Refugee Archive of Canada, my responsibilities included compiling, editing, ensuring consistent and proper citation in accordance with the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, and formatting the layout and design of this final report.

This final report was produced for an Information Workshop: 4th World Documentation. It was written by five colleagues, though all twenty-five members of the workshop contributed to different portions of the document.

For a complete list of contributors see page one of the document.


UVic Image Markup Tool:

Annotation of the Headpiece from A General History of the Lives and Adventures of the Most Famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street-Robbers &c, 2nd Edition (1742).

Using the University of Victoria's Image Markup tool, I encoded XML metadata to produce a digitized visualization and description of the headpiece ornament from Recto 3 of Daniel Defoe's/Capt. Charles Johnson's A General History of the Lives and Adventures of the Most Famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street-Robbers &c 2nd Edition (1742).

This project was produced for the Information Workshop: Architectures of the Book at the University of Toronto.

Rated R for Reference: Reference Reform


Rated R for Reference

click on the image or click here to watch the video

This video  demonstrates appropriate reference techniques and uses Camtasia's screen capture software to illustrate how clients navigate the Toronto Public Library website to access large print materials.

This group project was created for the course Introduction to Reference produced with colleagues, Brendon Foster, Andrew Halberstadt & Anne-Marie Ricketts, at the University of Toronto.


RIVetting Books:

A Database of Searchable Books

THIS SECTION IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION: I have migrated the database to the server used by my web-hosting company, but am currently reconstructing it using PHP. The original Python scripting conformed to an additional cgi script and will not function with my current web-hosting service.  Plus I'm having fun learning PHP!

RIVetting Books is a database for an online bookstore that was created using Python, MySQL, and HTML. It contains 146 works searchable by title or author, and allows users to place orders, view the number of items in stock, review and rate a work and see other peoples' comments and ratings. It also features a separate manager's interface that allows one to validate orders and shipments and update the stock number for each title.

RIVetting Books was created for the course Data Modeling and Database Design, as a group project with Victoria Powell and Richard McKibbon, at the University of Toronto.