User Experience Survey Design

During the fall of 2015, I conducted a user experience survey entitled: "Digitizing the Pyrates: A user experience survey about a digital editing platform that allows for different methods of encoding and interacting with a digital critical edition and compares four digitized editions of Captain Charles Johnson's A General History of the Pyrates, 1724-1726, edited by Ingrid Reiche." The goal of this survey was to investigate what method of XML encoding was most user friendly. Five different approaches were applied to the Title Pages, and The Preface, using the Versioning Machine V.4. This allowed readers/users to experience different ways this work could appear, and informed the final encoding methodology applied to this project. The two sections and their various encoding methodologies can be seen by clicking on the links below for the Title Page and The Preface. To help provide context for the two sections and to view the questions in the survey click on the image below. The survey was granted approval and performed in accordance with Carleton's Research Ethics Board. The participants were sent invitations, and if they replied, a consent form and the survey were emailed to them, both of which were returned via email. The participants then viewed the two sections of my website seen here. The participants of the survey included students and faculty of English and the digital humanities, academics from other fields, librarians, and members of the general public.


         Title Page

         The Preface