Legacy Trials: December 2014

Both of these trials were done to determine what platform was to be used to encode the above mentioned sections of A General History of the Pyrates. These were experiments done for various courses and work leading up to my M.A. Thesis. After using both the Versioning Machine V.4.0 and the UVic Image Markup Tool, I chose the Versioning Machine primarily because I could encode all four editions to make a parallel-text edition, and because the UVic Image Markup Tool, is as its name implies, is an image based platform. However, the UVic Image Markup Tool does have the advantage of creating a type of index that lists the changes.


1. Versioning Machine V.4

This was my first attempt at encoding the Title Page using the Versioning Machine V.4.0. This trial uses the Text Encoding Intiative's (TEI)  Parallel Segmentation method. After using this method I discovered the Location-Referenced method, which is what I decided to use in the final iteration of this digital critical edition.



2. UVic Image Markup Tool

Click on the image to the right to see the original Title Page from the 1st edition (1724), which is marked up with the UVic Image Markup Tool to show where changes were made in subsequent editions.